sunnuntai 15. toukokuuta 2016

Hopeless Fluevog Day 2016

Dear John,

Ok, we give up. It's International Fluevog Day, but still no Fluevog shop in Helsinki – in spite of our sincere, even desperate pleads.

Seems like it's time to go bare foot. Ish. 

Even in public. I don't care anymore. Nothing really matters.

Woollen socks of desperation
Our beloved John, as you must understand, appearances like these won't help us with our professional careers. Or even in our personal lives. Year next to come with feet like this (yes, our winters are as bad as yours) won't be easy. We can see divorces and abandoned children ahead of us. And worst of all, Mia will live as a spinster for one more year.

In situations like this we would love to count on  toour shoes. But since there is no change with "Fluevog meets Finlad" project, we have no idea what to do. Who to turn to? It seems so unfair. Canada still has it all. And Trudeau, too. Also, Mia has dentist's appointment tomorrow. And Satu has a board meeting (shoeless one). Not fair.

Is there something we can do? Help us to help you. We know all the best locations for shoe shops (yes they are all right besides to our offices), Finland even knows a meaning of a "pop-up store" by now. And also there are few rather good department stores right in the centre. Their shoe selections would also really need your help. We could send letters of recommendation to them (or not if you wish so)!

Please John, let the third time be a charm, and save our soles!

With love and desperation from Finland,
Satu & Mia

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