perjantai 15. toukokuuta 2015

Flashing for Fluevog

Dear John, again

Despite our heart breaking appeal last year, there still is no Fluevog store in Finland. We are ready for desperate measures.

To finally get some international attention for our cause, we decided to resort to the traditional Finnish way of demonstration: viuhahdus. Flashing, that is. We chose the venue according to the amount of tourists, in the hope of getting us heard globally. The natural choice was, of course, the Senate Square, where all the tourists go. There's also a nice cafe.

So, clothes off (except for shoes, of course), bold and quick pose and cheese said. Luckily, we have a principle of showing people only knees and below in the blog, so here's what you get:

The main tourist attraction of Helsinki

To our disappointment, there were no Canadians in sight. We did meet some US citizens, who immediately felt our desperation. They were so sorry they didn't have any extra Vogs with them to continue the legacy of the good old Marshall plan. They gave us some cookies, though.

Adding insult to injury, we've just heard that Los Angeles gets another Fluevog store. The second one. And exclusive Kendras, too. On what scale is this fair? How is LA better than HEL? Other than climate, cuisine, friendliness, income, fashion awareness and customer flow, that is. 

Finland is left alone, again. Just like during the Winter War and Middle Ages. Also, we have this new government coming up, which will certainly ban all the fun, including shoes. And Russia, too. North Korea, anyone?

Don't let it happen to us.

We do appreciate the last year's gesture of naming a Wearever shoe "Kiitos" and hereby promise to do a viuhahdus in Kiitos shoes, as soon as we get a store to Helsinki. Or, never to be seen naked in public again, it's up to you.

In hopes of a better future
Mia and Satu

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  1. I wil now stop whining about no Arizona stores/retailers. At least I can drive to California. I agree with the unfairness of LA and SF having TWO stores while we languish. Keep up the fight! Go Finland!!

  2. We do envy you – we'd need an amfibic car to drive to California. And quite a lot of gasoline, too.


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